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Life Happens

I’m coming out of one of those “knuckle-down-and-survive” modes. Again. Remembering (relearning?) to take a moment here and there to really appreciate the life I’m living. To focus as much on being as doing.

I’m thankful for my job. For the talents God has given me and the opportunities He provides for me to use those talents. I’m even more grateful for people in my life who are going out of their way to make me feel appreciated. In my little world of lists and priorities and responsibilities, it’s nice to be a priority on someone else’s list merely because they chose to put you there.

Among other things, experienced a rather difficult and painful root canal. A sweet friend made me a deliciously soft and flavorful salmon dinner. Letting someone take care of you once in awhile – sweet indeed.



About forceofnature

I'm a Northwesterner, lover of mountains, living in Texas. My blog name is a play on my name and my love of nature. I live for the outdoors, would wear jeans every day if my job allowed it, relish my coffee and dark chocolate, adore orchids and poppies. I miss the mountains. I value my friendship with Jesus. I'm better at writing than talking. My favorite subjects are currently green living, nature, health, recipes, family, beliefs, world events, design, homemade creativity, and my dog K. I want to help. I constantly feel that I am almost me.

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