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Wild Onions and Wild Hairs

Wild Onions and Wild Hairs

Yes, we (my sweetie and I) got a wild hair and started a little citrus tree business. Sweetie is having a hard time keeping up with demand – we’ve made a few hundred dollars and met some pretty cool people along the way.
We started a Facebook page (Citrus Kiss Tree Factory) to sell the trees. And then started posting on there some of the interesting things we’re learning and reading about food sources and preparedness and homesteading ideas and…
We started a second Facebook because we wanted to do more than just post other people’s thoughts on the subjects listed above. We’re actually trying some of it and have intentions to try more and we’d really like to inspire others, especially our generation, to reconnect with the basics of living, appreciating the earth, and depending less on society. So Back to Living was born. And just barely. It’s baby-brand-new. But it’s started. And we’re excited.
I plan for there to be some overlap between my blog and the page, especially when there’s a need for longer explanations such as how-to’s.
Why the wild onions? Because that’s one of our things we started as a couple early on and continue to do that relates to our new page. The onions were found on a picnic lunch. R transplanted them to my yard and they’re growing nicely. We’ve transplanted pecan trees and blackberry bushes and cute little succulents from cool trips we’ve taken – just our version of a rock collection, really. But all apart of our slow but sure journey to live more off the land and learn how to grow more things and be more self-sufficient.
So there you have it. Let’s learn something.


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  1. Can’t wait to see how your businesses progress! Super exciting


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