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Squash and pumpkins and chickens!

We’ve been busy in the backyard lately. It’s true – we’re a little behind on the garden. I had a very intense month at work and worked every weekend (and the days in between) so this was the first chance we had. It was fortuitous because we actually had a freeze recently.

But as of today, the garden is tilled! The fence is up. And… the chicken coop is half built! Woohoo!


The garden is just to the right as you walk out the back door. Here we’re just getting started…

We found out today that the old barn is 70+ years old. Originally it was a barn. And then a garage. And then it was a weight room for our landlord and his cousins. If you could meet my landlord… oh, the things this little barn could tell. It’s since sunk into the ground quite a bit now. In case of hail it can still fit my car, but barely. At one time, my landlord thought to tear it down. We’re certainly glad he didn’t.


Now the fence is up! It still needs a gate. And grape vines on the arbor and corners. Sunflowers and more landscaping around the outer edge. Oh, and maybe some rows of plants!

Behind the garden is the old barn in half of which is the chicken coop. R spent quite a while (and sweat and staples) putting up an inner lining of fencing to keep our little chickens safe from creatures, one of which goes by the name Chloe who has often demonstrated her hunting prowess by hauling in freshly killed baby bunnies (I was mad!!!) and ignoring the one household mouse we had to set a trap for. Silly cat.

Now we need to build nesting boxes and perches. Also in the plans is a “tractor chicken box” which is essentially a large, low-to-the-ground cage that can be moved around so our chickens can have access to fresh grass and field goodies while hopefully staying safe from coyotes and Chloe and her harlem.


Notice the cute vintage piece of gate with the “B” on it. I found it in Kansas and hauled it here. It’s pretty adorable to us because R’s last name starts with a B, which I obviously wouldn’t of known when I saw it and hauled it around with me.

Just behind the garden to the right, at the corner of the shed, is the compost pile. My landlord gave us more wire today which was very nice of him! We’ll be upgrading the compost pile with that.


Time for a much deserved break with a rare treat. Lots to do still but so much accomplished in just a few short days. Yay!