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My Sister’s Lil’ Bump

I had the privilege of taking some photos of my beautiful sister, her little pregnant belly, and her equally photogenic husband. Here are a few of my favorites…

View more here.


Shot: Softball

Strength. Fun. Athleticism. Sportsmanship. Comradery.

An evening with the “Not The Teeth!” Softball Team…

We gots some rain!

It rained on Saturday. It was wondrous. Kiefer and I sat on the front porch and just watched it come down. Usually as soon we go outside, K is clambering to play fetch; one look at the falling liquid sunshine and he simply sat, as enraptured as I was. Everything was immediately brighter, a little greener, a little happier.

So ended our 74-day stretch of no rain, praise the Lord; the longest and driest summer since the era of the Dust Bowl.

Welcome back to Texas!

(I know. Not everything is about me.)

What a strange few days this has been! I’ve sat in lots of meetings, feeling by turns encouraged, empowered, and disheartened about the upcoming year. I attended a work-related function at the Petroleum Club in Ft. Worth and the menu included small burgers, stuffed zucchini, curried potatoes and cauliflower (sadly,  I think they forgot the curry), vegetable stir-fry on mixed green salad, fruit and cheese plates, bean and tofu burritos, and mushroom Philly- pockets. Though most of it tasted fairly good, it was the oddest mix I’ve ever seen. I guess chefs at the Petroleum Club in Fort Worth, Texas don’t have much call for cooking vegetarian.

But that’s not all. I despaired that I’d once again accidentally hurt the feelings of a very good friend, only to find out he was yanking my chain. Whew! I was insulted by a young man and sweet talked by two others, which is way more male attention than I’ve had in 3 days since the 5th grade when my friends’ little brothers were fighting over me. I somehow managed to sit on a large safety pin, taking the sharp end into my derriere to the hilt. A friend who observed the incident was impressed that I didn’t scream; frickin’ thing hurt for hours afterward. Last but not least, Kiefer and I were held hostage by a skunk who stood in the middle of the road between us and home, instigating a stare-down that lasted well beyond comfortable.

I don’t like boring, so I guess I’m saying I’m grateful.

How have you been lately?

Four-legged friends

How about a post not baby related? 🙂

I’m taking care of my boss’ pets this week. One Jack Russell, two Shelties, and two cats. They’re a hoot!

Meet mother-son duo, Foxy and Moxie. Aren’t they cute? So friendly and fun.

Works of Fire

Last night I sat upon a grassy knoll with sweet cousins and chubby, sticky little boys waving glow-in-the-dark flags as the sky lit up with one of the best fireworks shows I’ve seen in a long time. I managed to capture a few of my favorite ones, though I missed the smiley-face firecracker. I thought I’d share them with you here, because everyone knows there needs to be a few more fireworks pictures on the internet.

I was especially impressed with how each one was less general explosion of color and more works of art in the sky. They were color coordinated, arranged, and corregraphed into a stunning display. Yep. Impressed. Take a look…

My favorite


One for the records




Last week was  incredibly busy at work. There were way too many 12-15 hour work days. However, the events were all successful and we were rewarded with an extra day off as compensation this week.

I slept in. Drove to town and bought flowers. And coffee. Pulled weeds, hauled a few bricks, dug a few holes. Painted a few pots.

I planted flowers and strawberries in gorgeous spring weather.



Then I sat down in my rocking chair with my coffee and book, Kiefer lounging in the yard.

 Later, a good friend stopped by. We sat on my porch, delighted in some strawberries and shortcake with mango sauce, and chatted.

It was glorious.


And that was just the morning…



In the afternoon, my cousin and I took her adorable little boys on a little hike and search for the few blue bonnets blooming this spring. Without much rain,  they’ve been scarce. But we found some!

We  enjoyed the short hike (for short legs) and the picnic supper immensely.







A day like today makes life so beautiful.

My friend’s daughter


Kiefer and I spent Saturday with this lovely little lady and her Momma on the banks of Lake Whitney. It was a gorgeous day. Just hot enough to enjoy the shade and the breeze.

I find it utterly delightful to become friends with the children of my friends. I missed most of the first years of this sweet girl’s life but, as soon as I moved back to Texas, we took up like two partners in a get-rich-quick scheme. Judging by the way we get in trouble, we should’ve hit paydirt by now. I’m not usually a loud person by any stretch, but the two of us are told, probably too often, to calm down, quiet down, or we’ll be sitting in time-out. Just kidding. Mostly.

She’s definitely a girl after my own heart. She’s rough and tumble. She doesn’t mind getting dirty. She can already sweep her beautiful, long blond hair out of her face with the grace and skill of women five times her age. She loves chocolate. And all animals. And being outside. And telling stories.  She wants a bounce house and chocolate for her fourth birthday party.

She lives her life at full speed ahead. You can almost see her spirit tilting into the wind, equal parts determination and joy of life. It’s fun, and enlightening, to watch her and wonder where she’s heading, what mark she will make when she unleashes all that intelligent energy on the world.

photo taken by her Momma, while I made sure she didn't fall out of the tree