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Friends When We Aren’t Looking

Friends When We Aren't Looking

Chloe came to live with me about 8 months ago when R could no longer keep her because of where he was living. It was an uneasy truce at first, between her and Kiefer. Chloe still gets an attitude sometimes just to keep up her street cred. But for the most part, they quite happily co-exist. And when we aren’t looking, they actually hang out.

They’re actually very close to the same age. They have similar coloring. And they’re both very empathetic animals. They’ve both made a significance difference in our respective lives and we couldn’t imagine life without the joy and comfort these two amazing animals have brought us. We’ve both become very close to the other’s pet.

Chloe is one part bad ass, queen of the neighborhood, and dominator of all male cats in the vicinity and one part sweet, empathetic, loving kitty cat with a deep, loud purr and who comes when she’s called.

Just to illustrate her awesomeness, she once jumped out of a three-story window of an apartment building. R heard her land, yawl, and watched her streak towards the local woods. He figured that was the last he would see of her. Several weeks later though he heard her unmistakable meow. However, it was coming from overhead! He followed the sound until he got to the attic trap-door in the closet. And there she was. She had made her way back in to the building and found R’s apartment through the attic!

Chloe also answers to Claiborne and Cookie. She knows when you’re feeling bad and sticks close. She also comes to the sound of your fore-finger and thumb rubbing together – I’ve observed R calling her that way from clear across the yard and she’ll come running.

Though she is definitely still R’s cat, she has now officially accepted me into her life as one of her humans. She often likes to get right in the midst of things whether I’m typing, crocheting, sleeping, etc. She likes to sleep on my feet or against the curve of my back. If you’re not paying enough attention to her, she’ll repeatedly flop against you or poke her nose under your hand until you pet her.

She’s a cookie! And life is definitely improved with her arrival.