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LEGO Wedding Brunch

My friends are getting married! And we had to celebrate it before all the students went home. Since my friends LOVE putting together LEGO sets, we decidedĀ  a LEGO theme was in order. I found the LEGO font for free (can’t find the link now! sorry!) and made a poster with their last name to look like the LEGO logo. Of course, we decorated with LEGO blocks and some of their LEGO sets and had a LEGO set building contest – which the happy couple won! The students couldn’t believe they were that fast.

The food was delicious and I didn’t have to make it! Granted, that’s not usually a happy thing but this time I was just too swamped with other work events, etc.

We all enjoyed biscuits and gravy, stripples, egg puff, fried potatoes, lots of fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, pecan sticky buns, and OJ. It was delicious!

Notice the LEGO groom rescuing the LEGO bride, top right photo. Found them on Ebay… they will now be used as the cake topper at the wedding reception! I know this because I’m the lucky person who is their wedding coordinator. So excited!!

The invite, minus the details. Their picture and additional details were on the back. Had fun with the “building” and “building contract” in conjunction with the building of LEGO sets. Corny, yes. If you know the couple, particularly the groom, you know it fits. šŸ˜‰